Labyrinth Introduction

Labyrinth is a 4-story maze, where you can both level and obtain rare and valuable items.

There are different monsters on each level of the labyrinth, some of which drop tokens which grant you access to the next level.

Monsters of Labyrinth:

In Lab1, there are slingers (lvl 105) and goldghosts (lvl 108). Goldghosts drop SkyTokens which you can give to an NPC in lab1, resulting in him taking you to Lab2. Slingers drop Lab1 diamonds.

In Lab2, there are Bladelings (lvl 110) and agilerats (lvl 112).
Agilerats drop earth tokens which take you to lab3. Beware, though, they are magic monsters, and it may be wiser to buy the token from somebody else in market. Bladelings drop Lab2 diamonds.

In Lab3, there are BlueBirds (lvl 115) and FiendBats (lvl 117).
Fiend bats drop SoulTokens which take you to the last level of labyrinth.
Fiend bats do a lot of magic damage however, so you need to be careful while hunting them. BlueBirds drop lab3 diamonds.

In Lab4, there are Minotaurs (lvl 120). Minotaurs drop lab4 diamonds.


The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab1 is 2 meteors
The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab2 is 4 meteors
The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab3 is a random normal gem
The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab4 is an AncestorBox, which could contain a dragonball, mets, gems, or any other number of things.
The lower lvls of lab have a lower chance of dropping diamonds than the higher ones, so those rewards are much harder to get!

To see the stats of all monsters in Lab, click Here

Lab Bosses:

In addition to these normal monsters, each floor of labyrinth has a boss.
The floor 1 boss is Gibbon (lvl 110)
Floor 2: Naga (lvl 115)
Floor 3: Talon (lvl 120)
And floor 4: Syren (lvl 125).

Syren is one of the very few monsters in the game who remains white-named after lvl 127.
These bosses can occasionally drop socketed equipment, or other valuable items.
Lab bosses spawn 24 hours after they were last killed.


Lab 1 map

Lab 2 map

Lab 3 map

Lab 4 map

Big Boss lab