Second Reborn

Second Reborn Map
save it in Conquer folder/ data / minimap

1. You must be at least level 120 after first reborn.
2. Go to Ape Mountain (called by lots AC; Ape City)
3. Go to 436.311 (bridge connecting GiantApes with ThunderApes) and talk NPC named Alex, you will be teleported to second reborn map.


In this stage you will need to obtain many of three common items which are SoulAroma, DreamGrass and Moss later called BASIC.

Your target is to make three Pure Vigors.

Basic items are droped by lords, (lords are marked on the modyfied map) special monsters. They spawn 20 minutes after you kill one. Drop rate of Basic items is between 50-75%.

Fastest, and the easiest way to get Pure Vigor without any big calculations is:

Get 9 Moss, 9 SoulAroma, and 9 DreamGrass
if you have them go to EarthSeal (seals are market on modyfied map) and summon HillMonster nine times. Now you should have 9 GhostHorn. Take them to Arthur so you can obtain 3 eviltooth.

Get 3 Moss, 3 SoulAroma, and 3 DreamGrass
you have 3 eviltooth already now you should go to WaterSeal sumon SwithDevil and obtain 3 FeatherStone. Go to Arthur to get 1 ImmortalStone

Repeat this until you have 3 ImmortalStones.

Get 3 Moss, 3 SoulAroma, and 3 DreamGrass
Now u have 3 ImmortalStones already so go to FireSeal and summon Banshee so you will obtain 3 VigorFragments give them to NPC and NPC will give u 1 ImpureVigor.

Then go to CleasingStove summon a monster kill it and it will drop 1 PureVigor

Now repeat this 3 times so you have 3 PureVigors if you have them go to Artur and finish first stage




3EvilTooth+3SoulAroma+3Moss+3DreamGrass=3FeatherSt one


3ImmortalStone+3SoulAroma+3Moss+3DreamGrass=3Vigor Fragments




The stage two test is about killing monsters so you can easly bot it. As you know you must sink a mountain that is 40000 meters high.

For each mob you will kill the amount of sink is diffrent. There are 4 classes of mobs. Here are some hints:

-ValeDemon, SingingSerpent, BlueFiend, WindApe, WoodHades, FuryBat, BoneSkeleton, AngryBeast - those mobs will sink the mountain for 1 meter

-MudDemon, RoaringSerpent, RedFiend, RainApe, WaterHades, CruelBat, LameSkeleton, SensitiveBeast - those mobs will sink the moutain for 6 meters

-AbyssDemon, CryingSerpent, WhiteFiend, LightningApe, EarthHades, ViciousBat, CarrionSkeleton, CrazyBeast - those mobs will sink the moutain for 20 meters

-When you kill a Lord the moutain will sink for 500 meters

So if you arent botting the fastest way is to kill lords.

When you notcie that system isnt informing you of moutain sink go to npc and start stage three.


This all about killing the BIG mobs in a certain order which is:

1. Andrew
2. Peter
3. Philip
4. Timothy
5. Daphne
6. Victoria
7. Wayne
8. Theodore

*note you must kill them 9 times in that order

After you are done its time to find SquamaBead Lords are dropping it and the drop rate is 100% so dont buy it at market.

Now the hardest part you must go to SatanSeal and summon Satan.If you have a ninja with fixed toxic fog skill you will kill Satan in like 2 min