joi, 9 august 2012

Transfer Time yupeeee

Server transfer finnaly work. On Storm server only 2 new chars appear.
 First char is Tavares. Full +12 monk with +12 trojan coronet.He come from server Wild Kingdom - Eagle. with 2.7kk donation. 

Monk +12 joined Legend~ guild.

Second char is Uchiha.Madara, same +12 monk with 8kk donation . This is friend of |Karak| from scorpion server.

I know soon more will come and have alot of enemy.

luni, 3 octombrie 2011

Tq smart thief

Patch 5530

  1. The Meteor, Health Wine and other lower value items have been removed from the Lottery. (2.0 Servers)

........... and guess what TQ add on lotto prize? lower once and i really dont find a good way to use them: Dance2 ,Dance3, Dance4..... Sash(M),(L)...

Nice one TQ u start stealing from us more then past 

duminică, 2 octombrie 2011

New Set of Armors

There are 3 new armors which are designed for  guild leader in Chinese server. All of them look awesome and glorious. As we know, player who can be the guild leader must be someone who is skillful and good at strategy and he will lead us to fight for our guild honor! As far as I know, they will be released in English server soon, how great it is!
Now let’s go to have a look at these garments in advance^^

1. HolyArmor

2. WarriorArmor

3. FighterArmor

joi, 6 august 2009

Unique Blade Quest

U can socket your tali with Unique Blades lvl 30,if you dont have cps to buy it well its like 30 sec to do 1 uni blade.

So you will need :
- 1 noob lvl 1-40;
- TC scroll;
- Ape City Scroll;
- WindSpell Scroll form PC(Buy some with a lvl 40 water)
Here are pics with NPC,i think i dont need to explain where to go and who you will talk cuz i post every NPC and Ape city map with GeneralWu:

Go TC near Pharmacist and talk with General Chen

Go Ape City and talk with Soldier:

Go PC and find General Wu ( where u see yellow buttons on map that i post first)

Back in TC and talk again with General Chen

I know its Borring ,but its help alot for thouse from new servers.