joi, 6 august 2009

Unique Blade Quest

U can socket your tali with Unique Blades lvl 30,if you dont have cps to buy it well its like 30 sec to do 1 uni blade.

So you will need :
- 1 noob lvl 1-40;
- TC scroll;
- Ape City Scroll;
- WindSpell Scroll form PC(Buy some with a lvl 40 water)
Here are pics with NPC,i think i dont need to explain where to go and who you will talk cuz i post every NPC and Ape city map with GeneralWu:

Go TC near Pharmacist and talk with General Chen

Go Ape City and talk with Soldier:

Go PC and find General Wu ( where u see yellow buttons on map that i post first)

Back in TC and talk again with General Chen

I know its Borring ,but its help alot for thouse from new servers.

2 comentarii:

  1. You dont need to go to Ape city, The soldier you need to speak to is just outside Phoenix Castles right gate. I thought there had been a Soldier in AC before, but he's definitely not there now. So, Soldier AC Right gate. Have fun.

  2. Fail... SOLDIER PC RIGHT GATE Sorry about that xD