sâmbătă, 13 iunie 2009

DB Devil spawn with english and spanish version

Date :

-It Appears after the server Maintenance by 6 hours in Island (1) in one of the places.

-It Appears again, after 11:30 hours from killing it , in Island (2)

-It Appears Again, After 12:30 hours From Killing it, In Island (3)

-The Last Time, Appears after 12:00 Hours From killing it, In Island (4)
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday it spawns at a random time

have luck guys

Spanish version:

-Viene 6 horas después de que mantenimiento del servidor en la primera isla - éste es uno de los lugares para el diablo del DB
- Parece otra vez, después de 11:30 horas de la matanzalo, en la Isla (2)
- -Parece otra vez, después De 12:30 horas De la Matanzalo, En la Isla (3)
- -La Ultima Vez, Parece después de 12:00 Horas De la lo matanza, En la Isla (4) el miércoles, el viernes y el
domingo que lo desova en un tiempo aleatorio

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  1. i dont know how to post msge on steeds guide so i will post here :

    do you know how to make rare ones?

    if you do please post... tnx a lot

  2. that is good? really on this time aparear the db devil?