duminică, 21 iunie 2009

Lvl fast and easy

If you are lazy ass and bored of lvl-ing chars and kill monsters i will help you with some good information about the easy way of lvl-ing
What you need?
- 1 water
- 1 130+ char with some exp on him Naked
- your noob that you need to lvl (i recommend lv 100+ with tali on)
- 1 exp pot

Oki so lets begin:
Go on a map where nowane see you(pk map)- moonplatform or gc3 where is the NPC for metzone area)
Take with you water with many ref pills, your noob with tali on and exp pot and your 130 + char.
Put your char NAKED 130 + on PK mode, hit your noob ,char 130 + will get blue name, kill him with your noob and after rev char 130 + with water....make blue with 130 + char kill again with noob and after rev.......do this till you get the lvl that you wish

have fun lvling now

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